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Expert Tips for Finding the Best Boxing gyms in Melbourne

If you’ve never boxed before, searching for the best boxing gym in Melbourne that suits your needs is the first challenge you will face. Boxing gyms are often set up to achieve specific goals for their members.

Professional gyms, for example, focus on developing your competitive boxing skills and will not accept just anyone. On the other hand, a boxing gym that focuses on fitness will take on anybody who is committed to improving their health.

So, your first task before setting out to find the best boxing gym in Melbourne is to know your goals. Once you have that worked out, your search for a suitable gym becomes a lot easier.

This article will discuss the various types of gyms so you know what to look for when searching for a boxing gym in Melbourne that will meet your personal training needs.

How to Find the Best Boxing Gym in Melbourne CBD

Always be upfront about your goals when reviewing gyms. Do you want to improve weight loss, boost your fitness, or compete as an amateur or professional boxer? You should also let them know what your budget is. This way, the trainers can tailor a plan that suits your goals at a price you can afford.

What’s The Best Boxing Gym for You?

Just like you have fitness goals, boxing gyms are set up to appeal to boxers with different goals. Whether you are looking to enter the professional amateur circuit or want to get fit, here are a few of the different types of boxing centres you will find in your search.

Fitness Focused Boxing Gyms

When your primary goal is to get fit or lose weight, a fitness-focused gym is a good choice. While boxing is the primary focus, you will also be doing a wide variety of exercises outside of the ring. Get ready for lots of cardio exercises like rope jumping, running, callisthenics, speed bags, pad work, and heavy punching bag routines. 

Coaches and trainers in these types of gyms are primarily focused on providing fitness classes that will help you get fit rather than preparing you for the prize fighting ring. Routines will be split between boxing technique and other workouts, with something different each day of the week.

You may have the option for one-on-one training sessions, but these are more popular with professional gyms, and more expensive. Fitness-focused gyms mainly do group sessions and add in shadow boxing, rope jumping, pad work, and heavy bag workouts rather than one-on-one sparring.

Professional Boxing Gyms

A professional boxing gym is geared up to develop your boxing prowess. Most boxers who sign up for a professional gym usually already have some experience and want to take their boxing to the next level.

A professional gym will be equipped with everything a boxer needs to improve their skills, including more than one ring, speed bags, heavy bags, and jumping ropes, as well as strength training equipment.

Coaches at professional boxing gyms are often highly experienced and usually come from a professional boxing background. Some professional gyms will not take new members unless they have boxing training or experience.

If you are looking for the best pro boxing gym, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Ask about the coach’s boxing career
  • Who have they trained?
  • How many years have the coaches been teaching
  • Research the boxers who have trained or are currently training at that gym

Knowing more about the boxers who have trained or are still training at the gym can help with your decision. Do a quick Google search and look for their accomplishments, how long they have been training at that gym, and what their boxing style is.

A professional gym that’s been around for a while will have memorabilia on the wall. A “wall of fame” depicting the successful boxers they have trained over the years is a good sign you are in the right gym.

More Tips for Finding a Good Boxing and Fitness Gym

When you know what type of boxing gym will best suit your needs, it’s time to start narrowing down your options. Here are a few more considerations to help you make the best choice.

Gym Locations

You don’t want to be travelling too far out of your way for your regular exercise. A gym session that includes a long commute will be more challenging to commit to in the long term. If the gym is a short walk or a few minutes’ drive away, you are more likely to stick to a regular routine, so the best boxing gym in Melbourne will be the one that’s closest to you.

Training Equipment

A good gym does not need all the latest equipment, but it should have a decent selection of the basics to suit all types of training. If the gym is busy, check that they have enough equipment to ensure everyone has something to do with minimal waiting times.

Training Group Size

Group sizes are an important consideration. A group that’s too large may keep costs down, but the coach will not have enough time to keep an eye on everyone’s technique. Between 15 and 20 trainees is a good figure to aim for.

Training Schedules

Choose a gym that runs on a schedule that matches yours. You may not be able to get to every session, but you should be able to attend most of them to maximize your results.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Good Boxing Gym Around Melbourne

You have a lot to think about when choosing boxing classes for fun, fitness, or professional training. Finding the best boxing gym for your needs will likely mean you will have to make a few compromises. By using the above tips, you should be able to settle on a gym that will help you reach your boxing and fitness goals.