Brooklyn Boxing

Fitness Classes Melbourne

It’s never too late to become a fitter you.

We empower and transform bodies and minds, one person, one session, one day at a time. Achieve your weight loss goals and tighten your core with our fitness classes.

Our fitness classes are fast-paced, fat-burning sessions that will give you the curves and flatness in all the right places. All our classes are focused on a training program derived from the sport of boxing and an advanced functional training system.

We make our classes enjoyable, intense, and results-based. Every session will test your body’s energy systems and oxygen capacity, burning a substantial amount of calories during the session and hours afterwards.

Push your fitness to a new level

We offer Group Training and 1:1 Personal Training sessions for both males and females. No experience is needed. We have multiple coaches catering for all abilities. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional fighter, we can take your skillset to the next level. With every session being different, we help you punch harder, run faster, and lift more.

Results you can get

You can expect the following personal achievements at our training studio if you are ready to commit your time, stick to your goals, and remain consistent with our training regime.

  • Weight loss

  • Improved cardio fitness

  • Fitter and stronger body

  • Improved hand and eye coordination and reflexes

  • Better self-confidence

  • Toned and well-shaped body  

  • Self-defence 

  • Decreased stress levels 

  • A tough and resilient mindset