Brooklyn Boxing


Our Classes

Whether you want to learn boxing for fitness, weight loss, self-defence, or to get your first amateur fight, we have all the techniques, support, and equipment needed to help you achieve your personal best.

Our boxing coaches are ready to take you into the ring and put you through your paces. We offer boxing cardio, boxing fitness, and boxing lessons for all abilities.

Whether you are a boxer or an elite athlete, you need to condition your body to build the muscle strength and endurance required in many specific sports.

Similar to CrossFit, our strength training sessions are based on a functional training system that focuses on corrective exercise techniques. We make sure you enjoy the whole process while doing incredible things you never thought possible.

This session is the Art of 8 LIMBS a traditional martial art from Thailand that recruits the use of your fists, elbows, knees and feet. Devastating striking techniques with various movement patterns that will get you moving, hitting and training like a fighter.

A great form of self-defence and a killer full body workout to mix up your weekly training regime so why not give it a go and unleash that inner warrior in you today.

Our fitness classes are fast-paced, fat-burning sessions that will give you the curves and flatness in all the right places. All our classes are focused on a training program derived from the sport of boxing and an advanced functional training system.

We make our classes enjoyable, intense, and results-based. Every session will test your body’s energy systems and oxygen capacity, burning a substantial amount of calories during the session and hours afterwards.