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Boxing Vs. Judo? Which One Should I Do?

Choosing between judo and boxing can be a tough decision. As two contrasting martial arts, each has unique benefits, techniques, and styles. But choosing between boxing vs. judo will depend on your goals and motivations. This article will explore both sports in detail. You will learn each discipline’s differences, workout benefits, and self-defence capabilities.

By the end of the article, you’ll have a clearer picture to help you decide which combat sport suits you better – boxing, a punch-focused, striking art, or judo, a grappling-based martial art centred on throwing and controlling the opponent.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport with ancient origins, but modern boxing as we know it has been a part of mainstream culture and the Olympic Games for over a century.

Boxers use their fists to punch their opponent, applying strategy and footwork to land hits while avoiding the opponent’s strikes. With boxing limiting its competitors to landing strikes, you must improve your footwork and evasion skills to win points.

What is Judo?

Judo is a martial art and combat sport originating from Japan. Unlike boxing, judo is a grappling-based martial art centred on throwing and controlling opponents. Available maneuvers range from throwing techniques to grounding strategies, including joint locks and chokeholds.

Many throws and grounding strategies in traditional judo aim to get the opponent on the ground and immobilise them. Wearing a sturdy jacket, judokas or judo fighters use these techniques to score in competitive matches. While judo has no strikes in the traditional sense, its moves are designed to end a fight quickly.

Is Boxing a Good Workout?

Boxing is a highly physically demanding sport. It combines cardio and strength training, making it an excellent choice for overall fitness. It’s not just about fists and punches; boxing also focuses on footwork, agility, and speed.

This sport prepares the body and mind to fight, improving reflexes, coordination, and endurance. Because boxing is far more popular than judo, finding a boxing gym in Melbourne where you can practice and get a good workout is usually easier.

Is Judo a Good Workout?

Yes, judo also provides a well-rounded workout. A sport centred on throwing and controlling the opponent requires significant physical strength and endurance. Both sports require strategy and quick thinking, working both the body and mind.

Throwing your opponent down to the ground and maintaining control requires a combination of strength, balance, and technique. Judo is not only physically demanding and highly competitive but also engages your mental acuity.

Main Differences Between Boxing and Judo

Boxing and judo are two martial arts with fundamental differences. While both are combat sports included in the Olympics, their fighting styles, strategies, and philosophies are distinct.

  1. Advanced techniques: Judo has more advanced maneuvers than boxing, with a wide array of throwing and ground control moves. In contrast, boxing focuses primarily on striking and blocking techniques.
  2. Equipment: Judo matches require competitors to wear strong jackets, which are gripped during the fight. This contrasts with boxing, where fighters wear gloves and shorts but no grabbing material.
  3. Striking vs. Grappling: Judo matches have almost no striking, focusing instead on throws and joint locks. Boxing, however, is all about the punch. It’s a sport of strikes, with no grappling allowed.
  4. Scoring: How competitive matches are scored between judo and boxing also differs. In boxing, points are awarded for clean, forceful hits, while judo scores are based on the type and effectiveness of throws and holds.
  5. Popularity: Boxing is far more popular than judo, particularly in Western countries.

Which is Harder – Boxing or Judo?

It’s hard to say which sport would be the most difficult, as it largely depends on individual strengths and preferences.

Boxing is physically demanding, requiring strength, speed, and endurance. The precise footwork and timing needed to land a punch and avoid hits from an opponent make boxing quite challenging.

On the other hand, judo, a traditional martial art, requires strength, finesse, and strategy. Learning the many moves in judo, including throws and joint locks, can be complex.

Additionally, the endurance needed to grapple with an opponent can make judo seem harder to some. So, whether judo or boxing is harder depends on your preferences, physical abilities, and mental fortitude.

Which Sport is Better for Self-Defence

Both boxing and judo have their strengths when it comes to self-defence. Boxing teaches effective striking and footwork, which can benefit in a confrontation where distance management is critical. The ability to land a powerful punch can sometimes end a confrontation quickly.

On the other hand, Judo focuses on throws and joint locks, aiming to get the opponent to the ground. These skills can be highly effective in real-life self-defence situations where one might need to control an opponent without causing unnecessary harm.

While boxing might seem more straightforward, judo offers the advantage of being potentially less harmful to the opponent and can be more practical when faced with larger opponents. In the end, skills in either boxing or judo will benefit any self-defence situation and shouldn’t factor heavily in your decision between one or the other. 

Which One is Better for Fitness?

Boxing and judo offer excellent fitness benefits but focus on different areas.

Boxing workouts burn a significant amount of calories due to the training required for developing speed, agility, balance, and the ability to land powerful blows. It’s excellent for improving cardiovascular health, strength, and coordination. Plus, the physical demands of throwing punches, ducking, and dodging help to build core strength.

Judo training also provides a full-body workout that will build muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. It involves a lot of throws and grappling techniques, which require significant physical exertion. Judo also enhances mental acuity and resilience due to the strategic elements of winning a match.

Therefore, your choice between boxing and judo might depend on your fitness goals. If you want a high-energy, calorie-burning workout, boxing might be for you. If you’re looking for a workout that involves strength, strategy, and overall body conditioning, judo could be a better fit.

Boxing and judo are different martial arts, each with strengths and challenges. Your choice should align with your goals, interests, and physical abilities. Whether you choose the striking art of boxing or the grappling-based martial art of judo, you’ll be taking a journey that will improve your overall health, fitness, and well-being.